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A group of companies revolutionizing how humans see the future and act upon it

We are helping companies and people better understand how the world is changing. The more accurate you predict what’s coming, the less you are disrupted by a future you didn’t see coming.

Founder Lars Tvede

“Apart from full-time futurists, I would argue that most professionals depending on future developments do not have a clear picture of what’s ahead of them.”
Lars Tvede

Lars is a Danish national who has spent the last three decades in Switzerland. As the author of two “Supertrends” books as well as 15 other books, Lars has always had a passion for innovations and future technologies. Based on his extensive research on these topics, he was determined to launch Supertrends as a better way to predict and inform yourself on the future of industries and innovation as a whole.

Lars is also a serial entrepreneur, investor and Forbes blogger. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in International Commerce, and he is a certified derivatives trader from the National Futures Association in Chicago. For more, see www.larstvede.com.

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Our goals

At Supertrends, we give the true creators and inventors a voice while enabling decisionmakers to absorb this information in a digestible and structured format with reduced complexity. The Supertrends ecosystem will guide you through the complexities and uncertainties of the future.

Our platform, also known as “Future as a Service” (FaaS), aims to educate and enable anyone to explore exciting advances and discover the potential of future technology and innovation, and share their own visions and predictions!

Our method

We are fully aware that we cannot predict the future, and all our data indicates that the invention of a working crystal ball is still a distant prospect. Until then, we believe the future can be best anticipated by learning from the collective “swarm” intelligence of a diverse group of experts, along with published academic research.

Supertrends values the power of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence in order to determine our most likely future. By crowdsourcing and sounding out the top experts working on the latest innovations and disruptive technologies, we want to discover new ideas that will transform lives, businesses, and entire industries.

Our Team

Kim Weis Hansen


Preben Thorø


Manuel C. Studer

Product Design & Marketing

Alina Pintelie

Editor & Expert Relationship Manager

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Editor & Expert Relationship Manager

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UX Designer

Michelle Keller

Growth Hacker

Frank Städtler

Editor & Expert Relationship Manager

Jiqing Hansen

Editor & Expert Relationship Manager

David Bucher

Growth Associate

Catalina Sparleanu

Editor & Expert Relationship Manager

Louise Trelles-tvede

Growth Associate

Jakob Sabroe

Executive Assistant to Lars Tvede

Raimonda Kelmendi

Finance & Back Office

Wojciech Nagrodzki

Senior iOS Developer

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Android-Backend Developer

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Android and Web Developer

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