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Our Story

The idea of Supertrends emerged around 2009, inspired by Lars Tvede’s first Supertrends book and the tradition of marking up future predictions on a whiteboard at Joern Larsen‘s GOTO conferences. Both were looking for better ways to anticipate future technologies and how they would change their lives.

After more deliberations and the release of the second Supertrends book, the platform was created in 2019. We want to hear from the experts shaping the future while crowdsourcing knowledge about innovations. We are creating a better way for everyone to be informed and for our customers to stay ahead of their competition in a future that, although still unknown, has now become slightly less opaque.


Our Methods

We are fully aware that we cannot predict the future, and all our data indicates that the invention of a working crystal ball is still a distant prospect. Until then, we believe the future can be best anticipated by learning from the collective “swarm” intelligence of a diverse group of experts, along with published academic research.

Supertrends values the power of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence in order to determine our most likely future. By crowdsourcing and sounding out the top experts working on the latest innovations and disruptive technologies, we want to discover new ideas that will transform lives, businesses, and entire industries.


Our Goals

At Supertrends, we are giving the true creators and inventors a voice while enabling decision-makers to absorb this information in a digestible and structured format with reduced complexity. The Supertrends ecosystem will guide you through the complexities and uncertainties of the future.

Our platform aims to educate and enable anyone to explore exciting advances and discover the potential of future technology and innovation, and to share their own visions and predictions!


Our Team

What we are trying to create is no small feat, and it wouldn’t be possible without the incredible team behind Supertrends. While we are still small, our team is growing rapidly. We represent 8 nationalities, speak 10 languages, and sit in three different countries. With our diversity, we offer a wide range of fresh perspectives that we incorporate into our platform.

In our day-to-day work, we spend a lot of time together, internally “crowdsourcing” the best ideas. We know that we cannot get this done alone, but as a group, we are doing some amazing things.

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