Our goal,
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We create transparency and awareness of new innovations and future technologies, supported by a powerful network of experts and futurists.

In a world marked by constant change and continuous technological innovation, it is often hard to keep track of where we stand. Every day, there is some new piece of tech to know about, and innovation is unlikely to stop accelerating anytime soon.

Our blurry vision of the future is further distorted by the selective, biased, and occasionally misleading picture presented by the news media. Unfortunately, that picture is not always a very positive one… but if we listen to the true creators, we have a lot to be excited about.

Based on the vast amount and variety of technology, innovation, and data we have encountered, we are rationally optimistic about the future, and our mission is to share this optimism through the dynamic platform that is Supertrends:

Map the future

Supertrends aims to become recognized as the go-to innovation platform, collating information and highlighting new ideas and insights that can create a sharper image of the future.

Enable creators and innovators

Supertrends provides users with a fact-based and crowdsourced perspective, driven by the true creators of the future. Our goal is to give a strong public voice to all experts working on new technologies and innovations, since as architects of these developments, they have the best understanding of future trends in their respective fields of expertise.

Equip decision-makers

The information created by Supertrends will provide decision-makers with the tools to stay ahead of the curve by identifying relevant disruptions, market-shaping forces, and events in their earliest stages, ensuring that our users remain market leaders and innovators.

Reduce complexity

In a rapidly evolving world, forecasting the future is often hampered by an overabundance rather than a shortage of data points. Supertrends creates transparency and clarity around future trends by breaking down complex issues into exclusive crowdsourced editorial content and event prediction data.

Spread rational optimism

Today’s news environment can be a bleak one if you’re looking to be excited or optimistic about the future. However, with accelerating innovation, our society has a lot to look forward to as we tackle challenges with courageous and ambitious solutions. By discovering and sharing exciting new developments that will be part of our future, we at Supertrends hope to share our fact-based, rational feeling of optimism.

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