Our partners allow us to achieve more than we are capable of doing by ourselves

At Supertrends, we engage in different types of partnerships with organisations and institutions from all parts of the world. The common denominator in our partnerships is the mutually beneficial exchange of data, insights and expertise to further our mission of mapping the future and helping people prepare for it.

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    “When we and our partners make investment decisions, we need as much curated information as possible. Supertrends use AI, text-mining and crowdsourcing from experts to produce executive overviews of innovation in various industries. We believe that these methods ensure comprehensive, detailed, and unbiased information, which is exactly what we need in our decision-making processes in and before our Investment Committee”.

    ~Anton G. Herborg, CEO of CVX Ventures

    “We are excited about partnering with Supertrends. The quality of their content about trends and future innovation is second to none, and we are convinced that access to this valuable repository of expert knowledge will help the executives in our network improve their decision-making basis and gain a clearer perspective of which trends are expected to shape their business sectors in the coming years.”

    ~Mathias Davidsen, CEO of Presidents Institute

    “Now more than ever, it is imperative for business leaders to have a clear picture of what will happen in the future so that they can continue to lead with confidence. We believe Supertrends has established an effective method of gathering and displaying structured data about the future to the benefit of any decision-maker.”

    ~Frederik Linderberg, CEO of Presidents Summit

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    We provide deep insights into trends, new technologies and innovation, which we enhance and complement with the capabilities of our partners. We like to work closely with our partners to create events and offers that add value for our members. If you’d like to learn more about our approach to partnerships, we encourage you to contact us below.

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