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Supertrends wants to hear from the true experts – scientists, geeks, and entrepreneurs – to map incisive future technologies and innovations. You too can stay ahead of the game by being in the know about the future, all the time.

Who we are

Supertrends is start-up based in Zug, Switzerland. We are creating a community where creators and decision-makers navigate the uncertainties of today, where users and experts collaboratively identify future disruptive technological and innovation events, predict on the timing of these events, and tag the specific industries they will impact.

All of these predictions are aggregated into a crowdsourced, consensus-based timeline of the future. We also create unique editorial content based on direct engagement with the expert community. We are creating the world’s largest advisory board of professionals and giving a voice to the ones who really know what is happening.

How it all started

The idea of Supertrends has been brewing for quite some time, but it really started during a 2009 workshop with Joern Larsen and Lars Tvede, two of our co-founders.

On the one hand, Lars had just finished writing the first Supertrends book, in which he provided fact-driven predictions for the future, based on deep research. Having spent all this time on the topic, he wanted a better way to predict the future and was fascinated to hear from the true scientists, researchers, and geeks that know.

On the other hand, Joern had spent countless of hours in GOTO conferences asking his audiences (all with technical backgrounds) when different technologies would start impacting our society today. In the earliest days of these sessions, all of these answers were mapped on a timeline… by hand on a whiteboard. This was, of course, at a time before any digital polling software existed.

Fast-forward to 2019. Lars was working on the new Supertrends book when he decided there was a real need to know what is happening when, and a desire to hear it from the real creators of these future technologies. Based on his experience, he understood that it makes inherent sense to crowdsource predictions or information about the future from a diverse group of people with knowledge of the research and work involved. Supertrends was founded that summer, starting with the development of the first timeline and initial workshops with international students to figure out the use cases.

Where we are today

Today, we are focused on growing our expert base, creating ever more events to be predicted on. We are also developing detailed editorial content that dives deep into these different future technologies. We are prioritizing the topics based on their potential to disrupt the future and their impact across different industries. You can check out our latest progress on the topics here.

At the same time, we continue to develop our app for our experts and free users to allow everyone to make future predictions and suggestions for content. Initial versions of both the web and mobile apps are already available, and we keep adding features every week!

Finally, to create a complete and comprehensive timeline on innovation, we have mapped approximately 10,000 events that occurred before we launched Supertrends (going back to before the dawn of mankind!). The vast majority of these events and data points came from the research of Charles Murray and the American Enterprise Institute’s preparatory studies for the book Human Accomplishments. Together with this data, we are creating the most comprehensive map of past, current, and future innovations. Ever.

Co-founder and chairman of the board of directors

Lars Tvede

Lars is a Danish national who has spent the majority of his time living in Switzerland. As the author of two “Supertrends” books as well as countless other publications, Lars has always had a passion for innovations and future technologies. Based on his extensive research on these topics, he was determined to launch Supertrends as a better way to predict and inform yourself on the future of industries and innovation as a whole.

Lars is also a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and regular blogger at Borsen, a Danish business newspaper. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in International Commerce, and he is a certified derivatives trader from the National Futures Association in Chicago.


Joern Larsen

Joern is a Danish national and the founder and CEO of Trifork, a developer of custom-built applications and end-to-end software solutions based in Switzerland. The company also hosts the GOTO conferences, aimed towards developers. During these, the experts are asked when different technologies will become reality. In the earliest instances of the conferences, the predictions were mapped on a whiteboard timeline, which to our knowledge is still our earliest recorded prototype of the Supertrends timeline.

Joern is involved in program committees for software development conferences all over the world and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Aalborg University.


Jens Hansen

Jens is a Danish national living in Switzerland, with a background as a future strategist, entrepreneur, facilitator, keynote speaker, and coach with extensive success in empowering strategic initiatives and inspiring people, businesses, and cultural transformations – resulting in increased digital maturity, organisational agility, and future-readiness. Jens is also the co-founder and CEO of the Supertrends Institute, an organization that brings gamified and crowdsourced workshops and strategy sessions to partners who want to stay ahead in their fields.

Jens holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and a Master’s in Systems Science and Theory from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet.

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