Author: Jiqing Hansen

Having worked passionately for 15+ years in Medicine, I felt that I yearned to do something a little bit different, something that satisfies my curiosity and creativity, maybe something that helps to inform me and others what our world will look like in the future. That's when I took on the challenge of being the editor & expert relationship manager at Supertrends. I love the fact that I can still be in touch with my academic background when I am trying to understand and reach out to the experts in the most exciting fields. I also love the diverse and enthusiastic team at Supertrends. The best of all, I get to have a peek into the future, and I am at the position of helping many others to get the opportunity to look into the future.

Cultivated muscle cells living on computers

Scaling up is one of the biggest challenges for the cultivated meat industry. Simon Kahan is developing a computer modelling project to simulate the proliferation of cells in bioreactors. This project will enable innovators to test their bioreactors Computer modelling offers solutions for cultivated meat industry Experiments on living organisms, as commonly seen in the field of medicine, are far from ideal. They are time- and resource-consuming; they create waste and pollution; and often, they cause distress...

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The plant doctor’s view on cultivated meat

Population growth and rapid economic development are increasing the demand for meat, especially in low and middle-income countries. Annual meat production is projected to increase from 218 million tonnes in 1997-1999 to 376 million tonnes by 2030. The environmental impact of meat products such as pollution through fossil fuel usage, animal methane, effluent waste, and water and land consumption has also become alarming. How can we tackle food security with sustainable measures? Can cultivated meat provide an alternative...

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The vegan lady who runs a cultured fish firm

Carrie Chan is the CEO of Avant Meats and is currently developing its first cultured fish, a cell cultivated fish maw bites as an ingredient in a snack. Cultured fish products as a response to overfishing Carrie Chan chose to be a vegan because she believes that the way we produce animal meat is not efficient and causes a lot of environmental issues. However, she knows that people do like eating meat. When she founded Avant Meats, she says, the main consideration on her mind was that there had to be a better...

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Cell-based meat is real meat without hurting animals

The Turkish cell-based meat company Biftek is trying to scale up the production and lower the price of to enable serving a brought customer market in the future. However, there are also other variables that need to get overcome, such as religious concerns. Erdem Erikçi, CTO of Turkish start-up company Biftek, has a very personal motivation for developing cultured meat. “I saw how much animals suffer in the traditional meat industry. It has always been my dream to stop these inhumane treatment”. After receiving...

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