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The cell therapy researcher that can change “bad cells” to “good cells”

More and more people are suffering from metabolic disorders, ranging from obesity to diabetes. Although many drugs have been developed for these disorders, some of them have been associated with dangerous side-effects. Many scientists are working tirelessly to find better and safer medicine. The search for Sibutramine alternatives Around 2010, cell therapy researchers discovered that Sibutramine,...

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A tailor-made cocktail to nurture lab-grown meat

The lab-grown meat industry is rapidly expanding: Since the presentation of the first cultured beef burger in 2013, dozens of start-ups have been racing to be the first to sell lab-grown beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, or fish. For investors, meat cultivated from animal cells (also known as in-vitro meat or cultured meat) has become a very promising...

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