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One step closer to putting cultured meat on the table

Scalability and costs are two major challenges facing the cultured meat industry. British biotech company CellulaREvolution is offering a novel approach to addressing both challenges. Their technology facilitates continuous production of cells in serum-free conditions. Before co-founding CellulaREvolution together with Martina Miotto and Che Connon, two scientists from Newcastle University, Leo Groenewegen was the Chief Financial Officer of a company involved in cell therapy. When Leo met Martina and Che at...

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Meat Locally Produced… In Your Own Kitchen

The disruptions caused by the current coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the vulnerability of traditional supply chains. Cultured meat, artificially produced by a bioreactor in a laboratory, offers the enticing prospect of being able to produce food locally even in places where there is no space for traditional animal husbandry. We spoke to David Brandes, co-founder of Peace of Meat, about how cultured meat (CM) could relieve pressure on the food supply chain and one day make it possible to produce meat in your...

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Cultivated muscle cells living on computers

Scaling up is one of the biggest challenges for the cultivated meat industry. Simon Kahan is developing a computer modelling project to simulate the proliferation of cells in bioreactors. This project will enable innovators to test their bioreactors Computer modelling offers solutions for cultivated meat industry Experiments on living organisms, as commonly seen in the field of medicine, are far from ideal. They are time- and resource-consuming; they create waste and pollution; and often, they cause distress...

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Cultured fats for food

cultured fats
The Belgian startup company Peace of Meat produces cultured fats for a range of cultured and plant-based foodstuffs. With a B2B focus, the company aims to help other manufacturers improve the flavor and texture of cultured meat products such as hybrid chicken nuggets. Chief Product Officer Eva Sommer is hopeful that cultured animal fats can ultimately support the development of more complex structured meat cuts such as steaks. Eva Sommer, a biotechnologist with a background in food science, has eliminated animal...

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