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Joining us as a qualified Supertrends expert is easy and quick, but since we know your time is precious, our editorial team can help to streamline that process further with a customized onboarding plan that is tailored to your needs and minimizes your effort and involvement.

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Supertrends is a living, crowdsourced timeline of the most likely future, as assessed by the smartest people on the planet. Are you one of them?

At Supertrends, we believe in expertise. In order to populate our timeline of future trends, we invite a limited number of highly qualified experts to share with us their expectations as to changes and upcoming benchmarks in their field. Experts are professionals who have deep insight into a specific sector and the developments that might impact its future.

In recruiting experts, we look for individuals with advanced university degrees, work experience, publications, and other evidence of proven expertise in the field. In terms of our platform’s hierarchy, experts are higher-level users who, in addition to enjoying the benefits available to registered users, help us fine-tune small parts of the overall map. They do so by submitting Events, i.e., major developments or innovations that they expect to take place in the future, allowing the crowd to form a consensus as to when they will come about.

Experts can also initiate, stimulate, and raise the quality of debates in their area of competence. Those who wish to do so may take part in interviews with our editorial team and supply additional background information to be used in our articles and blog posts.

Benefits for contributing Experts and Futurologists

Full platform access

What’s in it for you? As an active expert, you will continue to have free and full lifetime access to all Supertrends content and prognostics, including restricted areas and paid content. You can also use Supertrends to help you raise your profile by promoting yourself and your work and generate attention for your research as well as your institute, company, organization, brand, or publication.

Free eBook

Experts will receive a free e-book version of Supertrends: 50 Things You Need to Know About the Future, by Supertrends co-founder, entrepreneur and author Lars Tvede. It outlines current trends in demographics, general economics, technologies, business models, resources, environment, and lifestyles, as well as forecasting methodologies and potential adaptation strategies.

Become a paid consultant (feature under development)

In the future, Supertrends experts will have the opportunity to earn speaking fees at our events or to become paid members of advisory boards and pop-up think tanks with Supertrends clients. We may also commission you to author exclusive reports or dossiers for our customers.

Who are Supertrends experts?

Every Supertrends expert holds unique knowledge about the future. We select our experts based on metrics designed to identify not only established scientists, but also young innovators. Our expert evaluation metrics go beyond traditional indexes such as publications, education, or experience to include professionals from innovative startups and individuals with a high social impact.

Our expert team includes:

  • Researchers, scientists, and students actively involved in innovation.
  • Executives, start-up founders, and entrepreneurs working with new technologies.
  • Representatives of NGOs, professional associations, and public agencies working on forward-looking topics.

What is expected from an expert?

We ask all our experts to participate actively in our community by creating and predicting future events in areas of their expertise. This input will inform our Timeline, which offers an overview of trends and milestones across the whole spectrum of fields and industries, as well as the year in which they are expected to be realized.

Depending on their time and willingness, we may also contact our experts with requests to be interviewed for featured articles or to join advisory boards or popup think tanks.

What is a Future Event?

Events on our timeline mark transformational benchmarks or milestones in a broad range of technology fields and industry sectors. They are created by expert users and contain the following general information:

  • The technology, discipline, community, physical item, methodology, business case, etc. that is expected to be affected by this development.
  • The altered state of affairs brought about by the anticipated change or milestone.
  • A metric for measuring and verifying the outcome as predicted in the form of a Supertrends event. Quantitative changes can be measured in terms of percentage, frequency, monetary value, etc. A qualitative difference may be measured, for example, by a state of events appearing for the first time. The outcome may need to be clarified in more detail in the description.
  • The year by which the anticipated change will have been achieved.

How do I create a new Event?

To generate a new event on the timeline, experts can simply click on “Create Event” and fill in the template provided. If you have trouble using this function or need assistance, please contact the editors, who will be glad to help.

How do I make predictions about events submitted by other experts?

Predicting on an event means adding your input concerning the expected date by when the expected change will materialize. All users can help build a consensus on the timeline of events submitted by other experts by making their own predictions on the expected timeframe. Click on “Predict” to start this feature. Flip through the cards until you reach an event to which you want to add your prediction.

Click on “Predict now!” to add your own prediction, or best guess as to when the anticipated event will take place. You can support the expert’s assessment, or specify the year (earlier or later) when you believe it will become a reality. Once you have submitted your own prediction, you will be able to see an overview of all users’ predictions, as well as the consensus prediction based on aggregated input. You can always come back and renew/edit your prediction.

Timeline formation

Our timeline is the collaborative result of our Supertrends experts, supported if necessary by our editorial team. Once you have signed up, we will be glad to conduct a short interview with you to find out which events you expect to see in your line of business, as well as other thoughts about the future that could be of interest to other users. If you agree to be quoted, our editors may include your views in short topical articles on our platform.

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