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Featured milestones

We are proud of being the host of a community of one of the most outstanding thinkers and shapers. Get to know some of their thoughts over the future.

  • Dr. Michael Helander

    2022: Quantum annealers are capable of representing molecules with a molecular weight of several thousand

    Dr. Michael Helander is President and CEO at OTI Lumionics, a Canadian company developing production-ready advanced materials for OLED Displays.  A part of his research is focused on discovering new materials using quantum-inspired methods as well as a combination of classical and quantum annealing devices. 

  • 2025: Captured CO2 is used to create products with high economic value.

    Anja Juhl Jensen is a Senior Managing Consultant at IBM and has extensive experience working with disruptive technologies that drive sustainability. Other areas of expertise include innovation, cognitive solutions, SAP software, compliance, and security. Currently, Ms. Jensen is involved in projects focused on gathering data and develop real-time sustainability reports as well as product modernization using artificial intelligence, image recognition, and machine learning.

  • 2028: An aquaporin 9 modulator is approved by FDA for the treatment of inflammatory conditions

    This milestone is co-published by Søren Nielsen and Michael Rutzler. Dr. Søren Nielsen holds a M.D. in biochemistry from Aarhus University in Denmark. Dr. Nielsen has been working as a full professor at Aarhus University and Aalborg University. As one of the leading figures in Aquaporins’ research, he worked very closely with Peter Agre, a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, for many years. He is also the CEO of Synact Pharma ApS and a shareholder of Apoglyx AB.

  • 2030: An anti-aging drug that can improve at least one of the aging parameters is approved by FDA 

    Huang Gong is Associate professor at the Key Laboratory of Geriatrics, Beijing Institute of Geriatrics, Beijing Hospital. She graduated from Peking Union Medical College and worked as a research scholar at Yale University, School of Medicine. Currently, she works as an Associate professor at the Key Laboratory of Geriatrics, Beijing Institute of Geriatrics, Beijing Hospital.

  • 2020: The first country makes cultured meat commercially available (happened in 2020).

    Lejjy Gafour came from a background that has focused on human-centered design, research, enterprise architecture, iterative product development, strategy, and more. He is the co-founder of Future Fields, a biotechnology company focused on enabling solutions for the cellular agriculture industry worldwide. He thinks that the future is not shaped by a single discipline or idea alone.

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