Nanosensors Benefit Small Farmers and Reduce Pollution

Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers pollute rivers, oceans, air, and soil. Yet small farmers rely on them to produce food. Researchers from Singapore are working on ways to improve the efficiency of these tools and reduce pollution at the same time.  Disruptive technology for a more sustainable agriculture In an age when sustainability is becoming a major concern, traditional agriculture faces a dilemma between preserving resources and meeting the increasing demand for food. This is where innovative technology comes into play. DiSTAP (Disruptive & Sustainable Technologies...

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sustainable agriculture

Smart Software Could Make Sustainable Agriculture Affordable, Scalable, and Measurable

By 2050, humanity will need to produce 60 percent more food in order to feed the over nine billion people who will exist by then. These unprecedented demands on the planet’s resources will come as the need to mitigate climate change requires that the agricultural industry switch to more sustainable practices. Farmers will face even more pressure to meet the new requirements while keeping their businesses afloat. The main challenge is not only to make the agricultural sector sustainable but to protect farmers and their livelihoods in the process. Some answers could come from the geospatial industry. Sustainable...

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