Cultured Meat,
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Lars Tvede predicts that cows will soon be an obsolete commodity, present to remind us of a time when we depended on them for food, milk, fuel, clothing and the endless list of products derived from bovine farming. As industrious as these powerhouses are, the downside of their mass husbandry comes in the form of excessive water use, forests and jungles turned into grazing land and farmland to produce their feed and finally the damage to the environment that the gasses produced by rumination cause. 

Sustainable advantages

The sustainability and environmental advantages that evolving animal husbandry into cellular agriculture are clear. Less land use, less water use and most importantly, less suffering for cows. These claims are derived from extensive research carried out by scientists all over the world studying the impacts of industrial scale animal husbandry. At Supertrends, we compiled the most important studies in this field and compiled them in the Cultured Meat Dynamic Report.

What we offer..

In the Dynamic Report we provide enough information to answer the most pressing questions regarding sustainability. How long will the current model be feasible before we end up depleting our resources in the name of feeding the world, yet there are still places where people are starving to death? What are the alternatives to the current models? How can countries that lack the resources and the space to carry out traditional models satisfy their demand for food? How can we preserve the environment and feed our population at the same time? 

We believe it is time to begin thinking about the next 20 or 30 years as an imminent change in the current processes are necessary in order to ensure food security and preserve the environment as resource depletion is a realistic outcome. With the interest of sustainability in mind, the Cultured Meat Dynamic Report is a valuable tool that can help make better and most importantly, informed choices.  

Has this piqued your interest? We have a report that outlines the main consequences and opportunities that innovative cellular agriculture practices present. Don’t waste any time and subscribe to our Dynamic Report on Cultured Meat to access this data and more to make sure you are prepared for the future. 

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Supertrends in Cultured Meat. This publication reflects our approach of Future-as-a-Service. It is a dynamic overview of information on the current state and future trajectory of the cultured meat industry. Subscribers to Supertrends in Cultured Meat will receive periodical updates to ensure that the data and market assessments included here reflect the latest consensus among researchers and Supertrends experts. Subscribers will also have the chance to get access to related media as well as conferences with experts and networking opportunities with key players in the industry.

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