Cultured Meat in Food & Retail:
A new product on the shelf or a new shelf altogether?

As Lars Tvede mentions, in many cases, the experience that a product provides accounts significantly for its appeal. With the arrival of innovations such as Cultured Meat, the existing traditional meats are poised to become experience products that will always have a premium appeal, while the innovative Cultured Meat becomes available to all as a mainstream product. This does not mean that meat as we know it will be completely replaced, but rather that, given the availability of a cheaper option, meat from slaughtered animals will become highervalue products with a story. Think Swiss watches or bespoke Italian suits. 

Time for a revolution 

As developments in Cultured Meat advance, we can perceive that the marketplace is ready for a revolution. Traditional products will increasingly occupy a niche, while these innovative products that cater to the new consumers that are more conscious about the environment, animal welfare, and nutritional value become mainstream goods. This means that the marketplace must evolve and adapt to keep up with the needs of new customer segments.


What we offer..

In this Dynamic Report, we address the characteristics of the Cultured Meat consumer: What are the interests that drive customer choices, and why are products of cellular agriculture posed to take over the shelves? Which products appeal to newer generations of shoppers? What is the inherent advantage of Cultured Meat over traditional meat? And perhaps most importantly: Who will buy Cultured Meat, and why?  

It is important to remember that Cultured Meat is not the same as plant-based meat. Therefore, it will appeal not to vegetarians or vegans, but primarily to conscientious meat eaters who are interested in knowing where their food comes from and in its nutritional value. But this is not a given, as the same people that are surprised and interested in Cultured Meat could also be repulsed by it. In the Dynamic Report on Cultured Meat, we have included chapters focusing on consumer appeal and measures to be taken to ensure that it is a market success. 

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