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Our founder Lars Tvede recently published an article on Forbes regarding Cultured Meat and how it could revolutionize the food industry. This insight came from Lars’ wealth of knowledge in finance and investments, but also from the Supertrends Dynamic Report on Cultured Meat.

If you are looking for a deeper insight on the Supertrends that Lars Tvede is excited about, just curious on the next best investment opportunity or interested in what the future holds, the Supertrends Dynamic Report on Cultured Meat is a great place to start.

The idea of Cultured Meat has been around since WWII, but only with recent developments in bioengineering and culture media for medical applications was it that cultured meat became a feasable reality.

Has this piqued at your interest? we have a report on commercial opportunities available directly in your inbox. However, if you are interested in a deeper dive into the technology, status quo, market and consumer insights as well as advantages and challenges to cultured meat, you can subscribe to our dynamic report on cultured meat to have access to this wealth of information and further updates as the technology and market evolves.

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Supertrends in Cultured Meat. This publication reflects our approach of Future-as-a-Service. It is a dynamic overview of information on the current state and future trajectory of the cultured meat industry. Subscribers to Supertrends in Cultured Meat will receive periodical updates to ensure that the data and market assessments included here reflect the latest consensus among researchers and Supertrends experts. Subscribers will also have the chance to get access to related media as well as conferences with experts and networking opportunities with key players in the industry.

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