Cultured Meat:
The invention disrupting a $1.8T global meat market

If you’re like me, constantly looking out for new investment opportunities based on innovation and new technology, then you should already have heard about cultured meat. I am not talking about any plant-based substitute or a vegan product. I am talking about a real, juicy steak sizzling on the grill on sunny Sunday afternoons!

— Lars Tvede, Co-Founder of Supertrends

Our research has indicated that my steaks will soon be sourced from labs rather than Heidi, the well-meaning Swiss cow that stood on the meadow behind my house until just yesterday. So, we decided to closely monitor this rapidly growing Supertrend. 

If you haven’t heard of cultured meat, you should definitely have a closer look at this – especially if you are an investor yourself or working for an organization that makes money from investments. This may be the next disruptive Supertrend and opportunity. 

So, here’s the deal…

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The above publication is just a snippet of our Supertrends in Cultured Meat Report. Our cultured meat report reflects our approach of Future-as-a-Service. It is a dynamic overview of information on the current state and future trajectory of the cultured meat industry. Subscribers to Supertrends in Cultured Meat will receive periodical updates to ensure that the data and market assessments included here reflect the latest consensus among researchers and Supertrends experts. Subscribers will also have the chance to get access to related media as well as conferences with experts and networking opportunities with key players in the industry.

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