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Our editors select the most relevant news in what we call the Future Radar in order to show you the latest thinking on the future of technology, science & society. We use AI, Business Intelligence, and crowdsourcing to boost your corporate foresight and provide data for you to act upon.

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A Stepping Stone Towards a Sustainable Company: Gathering the Right Data

With increased support from governments and socio-environmental activists, sustainability is now part of the mindsets of many businesses and consumers. Defined as an integrated effort to balance economic profit, the environment, and society’s wellbeing, sustainability has become a gold standard in the last decade. Driven by increasingly stronger regulations, by the desire to boost their public …
3D model of material3D model of material

Towards the First Demonstration of Quantum Advantage in Material Discovery

New materials can bring tremendous benefits across all industries, from agriculture and construction to telecommunication, aerospace, medicine, the food industry, and the energy sector. However, most of the methods currently used for material discovery are based on trial-and-error procedures that require a significant amount of resources and take plenty of time to develop and implement. A hybri…

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