“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there”

– Charles Kettering

Our goal is to revolutionize how people see the future and help them prepare for it

We find the relevant information and present it in a way that helps companies and people to understand better and faster how the world is changing. Check the overview below to identify the supertrends affecting your industry of interest.

Which supertrends will impact my industry?

Our radar monitors the industries that are and will be most affected by future supertrends. Click to see the connections relevant to you.

Transport & Logistics

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Chemical & Pharma

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Electronics & Comm­unication

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Hospitality & Enter­tainment

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Missing Industry

If your industry of interest is not here yet, that means we’re still working on it. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications when we post an update.


The concept of the Future-as-a-Service

Much like in a Software-as-a-Service environment, instead of downloading software on your computer or receiving e-mail reports, you will receive online access to relevant, personalized, and focused information wherever you go. Whatever device you like to use, the data you need will always be at your fingertips.


Editors research the trend and ask experts for opinions


Reports, newsfeed, and milestones are generated


Community contributes opinions


The software aggregates all data and updates it with every input


Supertrends products are periodically updated


Decision-makers consult the updated content

Free updates even for the in-depth reports

We understand that the latest information is also the most valuable. That’s why we update our online reports often and share the findings with our customers. Purchase an existing report or order a custom one, and you will get one year of free updates on the topic. No additional PDFs, no extra charges, no re-purchasing – just Future-as-a-Service.

Why have we created these services?

The world in which we live is changing at lightning speed, and flooded with information. Our products and services bring you informational focus, relevancy, and quality control. The more accurately you can predict what’s next, the less likely you are to be disrupted by a future you didn’t see coming.

The speed of technological and economic change is accelerating.

Information about it is scattered across sources.

Much information is based on political biases, sensationalism, and nonsense.

The scientists and researchers who are creating the future are often not heard.

An ever-changing map of the future, on your own customized dashboard

Our editors feed the software with relevant information on a daily basis, and the software aggregates everything in easy-to-follow visuals customized to your interests.

This way, you can use your dashboard to consult a living, constantly updated map of the most likely future for your industry or trend of interest.

We have designed our products as subscription-based services, so you can see always the updated information that you need.

Your future, our service

Our advanced tools and experienced editors ensure that you receive a steady stream of information, always relevant, always updated, on all your devices. Based on this data, you can form a balanced and comprehensive view of the future, free of political bias, sensationalism, and nonsense.

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