Our method,
to predict
the future

We create transparency and awareness of new innovations and future technologies, developed by a network of powerful expert communities and futurists.

Our approach

What will happen, and when? Each of our forecasts covers these two essential aspects of prognostication. To submit a new item to the timeline, experts must identify an important future event in their field of specialization and predict the year by which it will be achieved. While only experts can submit these events, all registered users are invited to take part in the fine-tuning of the assessments as to their likely date of occurrence. A discussion thread is available for each event, allowing other experts and users to explain why they believe a milestone will be reached sooner, later, or not at all.

The result is a crowdsourced timeline of future events, reflecting a consensus based on expert opinions and subjected to an iterative process of opinion formation within the community. In this way, Supertrends aims to penetrate the cloud of uncertainty that looms before us by extrapolating future events and outcomes from current trends. Our platform helps us connect the dots and to arrive at a picture of things to come, and predict when they will come to pass.

Our business model

We foster debate around the most influential developments of the future and highlight what experts are thinking about…
  • Which trends to watch
  • How close they are to maturity
  • Which obstacles or catalysts may delay or favor their arrival
  • Their effects on key industries and sectors
  • Secondary effects on other related industries
Some, but not all of the know-how contributed by experts will be visible to basic users, while paying subscribers will receive valuable market intelligence as well as an exclusive overview of the companies and people shaping the sector they subscribed to. Experts will not only get lifetime access to the full suite of information, but also have the chance to earn fees as speakers and consultants.

Categorization and mapping

Our timeline is not a static list of predictions, but a dynamic overview that reflects ongoing developments and is constantly adapted based on these. All users collaborate on establishing a consensus on future events, their timing, and their relevance. Trends are further described with topical keywords describing the industries and business sectors they will likely impact.

Where do we stand today?

Given the enormous variety of relevant fields and trends, one of our main tasks is to prioritize the topics that are expected to have the most direct and far-reaching impact on our future. We do so with the support and input of our experts and users. You are invited to explore our current research topics below as well as suggest topics that you feel should be considered.

More and more experts are contributing to our platform and populating the timeline of events. We are still seeking experts in a number of fields. Are you an expert? Or would you like to suggest an expert or event? We welcome your feedback and invite you to join our growing community, as an expert or as an ordinary user.

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