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Futurism on demand – a birds-eye overview and crowd consensus on what is coming to you

Get a fast and comprehensive overview of topics of your choice with our machine learning software. Supertrends Lab mines the internet for data, stories, news, and trends about selected subjects – mostly evolving technologies. The data is then aggregated into reports and powerful visuals that monitor and distill global action on any tech topic, so you can learn what is:

  • Trending

  • Commercially interesting

  • Having the greatest impact on society

Take the pulse of the global discussion on the topic of choice. Anytime.

Lab searches Twitter, Google, social media, and other big websites to get the most information on a topic. The tool then summarizes its findings and makes an automatic overview of what people are talking about on the web. Performing the same search at different moments of time allows you to observe how the discussion develops over time as well as what has the most attention in the world at a moment of time.

Unbiased research of what is happening and automatic cleaning of data

We are constantly improving our algorithms to uncover what is happening within a given industry with an impartial eye and to give you only the right data. Lab taps not only into media outlets but also scientific and reliable news sources. Under the supervision of our editors and expert collaborators, the software is always adapting and learning how to select the best sources and data, for results free of sensationalism and bias.

Every search generates a clickable word cloud that shows the hottest topics. Click on words of interest to reveal another mini report.

Overview and clarity, on layers

Find out about evolving technologies before they become marketable products

Lab pulls information from various free and paid-access databases as well as our own sources so it can offer you valuable information about investments, start-ups, and other data you need to have an overview of what could become supertrends in the future.

Significantly reduced time to research an industry compared with conventional methods

Thanks to the use of AI and machine learning, we have reduced the time to perform a total industry analysis from 5.5 months (manually, 4 people) to now 2 weeks (90% automated; 1 person). We are currently testing a 2-hour course (99% automatic). When the 2-hour analyzes are soon fine-tuned, we can create a dashboard for the entire global innovation, which does not exist anywhere today – but which will be reminiscent of the way, for example, CNBC and Bloomberg scan the global financial markets.

Find out about evolving technologies

Introducing ST index – a new measure for the impact and importance of data

While aggregating the most relevant data, Lab also calculates and shows the Supertrends (ST) index. This enables you to see not only the rating of all different data sources on impact and importance but also how a topic develops in time.

Introducing ST index

One-click, automatically generated, comprehensive report

It may take a few days to find the most relevant data for your goals, but the real magic happens when it is aggregated and Lab generates an entire report for you at a single button click.

One-click reports

No more going down to the rabbit hole

With its power of integration, automatic data cleaning, and smart searches, Lab will probably be your best research assistant ever. It will always give you relevant data, obtained in a fraction of the time a human would use to navigate, read and aggregate information from the web. Sure, it will not bring you any coffee, but we hope that the valuable scientific and commercial insight neatly organized in your dashboard will make up for it.

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