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With Supertrends Pro app, you will receive a daily instant overview of all relevant data you need to make an informed decision for all your major business moves, in the industries most relevant to you. Daily, at your fingertips.

How does it work?

We ask experts in the industry to provide milestones for the timeline. Submissions are vetted by our team of editors and added to the overview.

A milestone is a future event that will have a significant impact on the industry or field. These events can be desired (there is a need for them), expected (research is in progress, but not there yet), or presumed (forecast based on the trajectory of current events).

This generates an annotated map of the most likely future that changes with every new milestone that is interconnected with the others.

Most milestones refer to technological breakthroughs. Currently, the timeline contains approx. 10.000 historical events going back 3.3 million years, and approximately 1,000 predicted future events, updated daily.
See the key future milestones

In the timeline, you can immediately see

  • What will happen?

  • When it will happen?

  • Which impact it will have where?

… and how the timeline changes with every new event.

Relevant news selected by qualified, experienced humans will show up in your feed, every day.

Every day, our team of senior editors checks the general Supertrends feeds generated by our automated scraping tool or from original sources. From these, they select, summarize, and tag the hottest science and technology news. The app will only show you those items that match your customized profile.

See the future on a timeline

Access 650,000 company profiles, trending companies, and more than 500 significant people, all auto-linked to stories and events.

Within the app, you can consult the profiles of 500+ significant scientists and entrepreneurs operating within Supertrends themes.

Every user has the option to make their e-mail visible to others.

The trending companies feed is updated automatically according to the developments in the field.

Trending companies

Customize your preferences as they evolve and discover your own focus on the future

The app learns from your own preferences as well as your interactions with the content so that, at any given time, it displays the map of your recorded interests.

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You are the shaper of your own future, we are just helping you get there faster.

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