Supertrends Pro as White Label

All the functionalities of the Supertrends Pro app, under your brand, with your own content. Need more features? No problem. Our development team can add them for you.

Keep your customer retention rate high with thoughtful communication

The most common factors that affect customer retention are service quality, satisfaction, trust, and commitment. While service quality is your job, we can definitely help with the others. Establishing the right flow of information between you and your customers will keep them informed, cared for, and respected. All these features will help ensure that your customer is less likely to leave your company for a cheaper offer from the competition.

Increase your value proposition

With your own Supertrends Pro app, you can complement your services or products with additional value delivered directly to your customers’ mobile phones. Pieces of useful content automatically short-listed based on the user’s interests, can reach the customer’s eyes faster than any newsletter. The options of following a featured user, following a timeline, and consulting a list of relevant companies in the sector are all value-adding benefits that your customers will appreciate, hopefully returning the favor with increased loyalty.

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Consolidate your brand image and build trust

Communicating with your customers on your own slick and modern channel can make a lot of difference in your branding. The versatile functions, smooth UX, and modern design of the Supertrends Pro app will add a new edge to your company image.

Content-wise, transparent, on-time communication will boost your brand as well by building trust with customers or employees.

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Keep your team focused and on the same page

In large teams, scattered geographically, it is sometimes hard to keep everyone on the same page. A smart tagging system can push general information to all and a selection to others, according to each sub-group’s goals. Relevant news that your team needs to act upon will appear daily in their mobiles, and the dynamic timeline will help everyone keep their eyes on the ball.

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Send the right information to the right people at the right time

They say information is power. We believe that a flood of information has the opposite effect. With Supertrends Pro app customized to meet your needs, you can ensure that the right information is sent to the right people, at the right time. No information overload, just what every user needs. The users themselves are empowered to limit the influx of information that the app shows daily by selecting their focus of interest.

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Improve your business with more feedback

Within the app, customers or employees can like, dislike, and comment on every piece of content they receive. In time, you can learn what your customers find agreeable or not and adjust your content accordingly.

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All of the above and more

Discover all the functionalities that Supertrends Pro app can bring to your brand by scheduling a call with one of our representatives. We will be happy to show you a demo, establish exactly what you need, and develop a solution that fits your organizational needs to a tee. If you would rather test the Pro app for yourself, register for a free 30-day trial.

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