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In collaboration with our partner we offer some free publications that focus on sustainability trends in several key sectors – delivering future-as-a-service to both their and our communities.

Innovation Trends in Circular Agriculture

Innovation Trends in Circular Agriculture

It is now widely acknowledged that the “linear model” of agriculture can no longer keep up with the imperative of sustainability and with the growing global demand for food. This report addresses the major challenges facing agriculture and shows how technology and innovation based on the principles of circular agriculture can address them, ensuring resource conservation and efficiency, and extracting value from waste.

Supertrends and Valuer Innovating Sustainability: Forestry and Land Management Report

Sustainability Trends in Forestry and Land Management

The agricultural industry must gear up to ensure environmentally friendly yet cost efficient practices. Innovation and technology are key to this shift. This report focuses on forestry and land management, highlighting the most promising technologies and innovations that will enable the combination of productivity and sustainability.

Valuer and Supertrends Innovating Sustainability: Food Retail Report

Sustainability Trends in Food Retail

The global pandemic highlighted many issues as well as opportunities in the food retail sector. In this report, we highlight the trends and technologies helping the food retail sector move towards a more sustainable future in a post-COVID world, and help you make sense of them with use cases, experts’ perspectives, and an overview of the market opportunities.

Supertrends and Valuer Sustainability in Fashion Report

Sustainability Trends in Fashion

The tremendous waste and pollution created by fast fashion can no longer be ignored. In this report, we shine a spotlight on the fashion industry, delving into the trends and companies working to make the industry more sustainable.

Sustainability Trends in Wastewater Management

The access to safe water is declining worldwide. With figures, impacting trends, expert’s opinions, latest news and innovating company profiles, the report paints a comprehensive picture about how organizations around the world pursue smart water management solutions in their quest to achieve sustainability.

Sustainability Trends in Manufacturing

The report explores the most influential and disruptive technology trends to impact the manufacturing industry’s road to becoming more sustainable. Made with data extracted both from Supertrends ecosystem and from the Valuer platform, the document includes valuable data, technology trends, market predictions, important milestones, case studies, and more.

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