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Examples of events

Cultured chicken meat with the same nutritional value as slaughtered poultry is commercially available

While cultured meat is moving closer to commercial viability, one major challenge is to ensure that the lab-grown product has the same nutritional value as meat from slaughtered animals, e.g., in terms of essential aminoacids, micronutrients, and iron bioavailability. Since poultry consists largely of white fiber with lower levels of iron from myoglobin, it should be comparatively easier for in-vitro chicken meat than for cultured beef to replicate the nutritional value of the respective slaughtered animal products.

Current consensus: 2028.

An aquaporin 9 modulator is approved by FDA for the treatment of inflammatory conditions.

Sepsis is a life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host response to infection. It is a global public health emergency affecting millions of people worldwide and one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Overreaction of the immune system has been considered one of the most critical factors causing organ damage, even death, especially in viral sepsis. There is no dedicated medicine that explicitly targets immune over-reaction in sepsis or viral sepsis.

Evidence shows that AQPs facilitate both phagocytic functions of immune cells and migration of immune cells. Researchers are developing an aquaporin 9 modulator for the treatment of inflammatory conditions. This could be especial useful in treating the inflammation caused by immune over-reaction in sepsis. Under the condition of sufficient funding for preclinical and clinical drug development, the compound could gain FDA approval and be available to patients.

Current consensus: 2028.

Powered exoskeletons for paralyzed patients are covered by health insurance

The first powered exoskeleton designed to help paralyzed patients to walk is covered by a health insurance company.

Current consensus: 2028.

The first 15 MW wind turbine is installed

Wind turbines can be placed on- and offshore. Currently, the biggest turbines – with power ratings of 12 MW and designed by General Electric – are placed offshore in windfarms that are strategically positioned around the world.

Current consensus: 2025.

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