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AI-Powered Ear Helps Small Farmers to Detect a Dangerous Pest

How can farmers, especially small farmers, benefit from a modern technology like AI? With this question in mind, Supertrends interviewed Zeid Sinokrot, the founder and CEO of Palmear, who is developing an AI-powered tool to help small palm tree farmers detect a dangerous pest.  The red palm weevil: A global threat that is hard to detect “The red palm weevil has become a global threat and demands a global strategy to eradicate it.” – Jose Graziano da Silva, Head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization Originally endemic to South Asia, the Red Palm Weevil (RPW) attacks...

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Sheep farming

Sheep Farming – The Last Frontier in the Chinese Livestock Industry

Gao Yuhong, an agriculture professor at the College of Animal Science and Technology, Hebei Agriculture University in China, has been working almost exclusively on sheep farming for the last few years. Why sheep farming? “Sheep farming is the last frontier in the Chinese livestock industry,” Gao told Supertrends in an interview. Growing production and demand A sheep farm Gao has visited Mutton and lamb meat hold a special place in the Chinese culinary culture. They are not only delicacies but are also considered to be especially nutritious in traditional Chinese medicine. In line with...

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Cultured Meat and the Agricultural Sector, Friend or Foe?

As global crises such as the COVID pandemic continue to affect supply chains and meat production facilities in the United States and across the world, could cultured meat be the future solution to the present issues faced by the agricultural sector? The current COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the current status quo, forcing the society to reassess its activities and find alternative ways to create value. Traditional areas that during the pandemic were hardly hit or underwent a significant change could be now replaced or transformed forever. One such area is the agricultural sector. With supply...

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