Our method,
to predict
the future

Innovation mapping uses new data sources, data science methods, and visualization tools to help policy-makers navigate complex innovation systems, helping to answer questions such as “Where is innovation happening? Who is driving it? What opportunities will it create?” with unprecedented levels of precision and timeliness.

Who we are

Supertrends identifies relevant topics that will significantly impact the future, based on expert insights and proprietary research. We are constantly developing our international network of top experts in each topic.

Events and data

In close collaboration with our experts, the editorial team monitors significant technological advances or other innovation developments that affect the future trajectory of each topic. This expert input, along with further public input, is converted into predictions about future trends and milestones.

Crowdsourced predictions and articles

Each of these events, or benchmarks, is integrated into the Supertrends timeline, to be predicted on by any Supertrends user. Based on expert interviews and our own investigations, we identify new research fields, the implications of innovations, and potential roadblocks to predict the futures of different industries.

Empower users

We create a timeline of chronological innovations, crowdsourced from the collective intelligence of public and expert communities. We provide our users with high-quality reports as a basis for decisionmaking and for assessing future trends and developments in research and industries, offering overviews as well as in-depth reports on current and future technology and innovation, empowering users to stay ahead of their competition and ahead of the curve.

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