Updated Report: Everything you need to know about COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis is a new and strange experience to anyone. For instance, governments, which normally want the economic wheels spinning merrily, have instead directly ordered them to be stopped.

With the ongoing health crisis underway, Lars Tvede and Jørgen Thorball teamed up to produce a comprehensive report that dissects COVID-19 and its impacts to health, finance, society and other aspects. Lars and Jørgen combine their expertise in science and economy to author a report that will address some of the most common questions surrounding the pandemic.

What is the real financial impact of COVID19? Where did COVID19 actually come from? Was COVID19 a botched experiment? How will COVID19 impact society as we know it?

The Supertrends Report on COVID19 has the answers to these and more questions. In this report you will find information that other outlets will not tell you, or cannot. If you are interested in reading the Supertrends COVID19 Flash Report, fill the form below and we will send it directly to your inbox.

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