Terms of Service

August 14, 2023

What is Supertrends, and what is the purpose of these Terms of Service?

With Supertrends you can easily access a wide set of curated quality information and
analysis on global trends and innovations and related data and insights, enabling you to understand
current and future developments, how things are connected, and establish a solid foundation for decision-making.
Our services and features unlock additional opportunities for collaboration,
sharing, and communication around innovation in multiple business scenarios.

In order to offer you these services, we need to establish regulations regarding certain points. You can find these
regulations in these Terms of Service. You can also find information on how we handle your data in our Privacy Policy.
By “we” or “us” we mean Supertrends AG, which offers these services. By “you” we mean you as a user of our services.
With “Platform” we mean the services we offer you after logging in to our services that require registration,
independently of which device you use. By ”Website” we mean the areas of our online presence that can be accessed
before login or used without registration.

The essentials

By using our Platform, our Website and our services in general, you agree to these Terms of Service and the
associated Privacy Policy. Services subject to a charge are marked as such. If you take advantage of such chargeable
services, you accept to pay the listed prices for these services unless agreed otherwise, e.g., if you access as part
of general business subscription.
By registering with us you confirm that your personal information is correct and that you have all the necessary
authorisations to provide us with any other information as part of using our services.

We reserve the right to change, enhance or discontinue the Platform, the Website, and any related processes and
services at any time, or to refuse individual user access without giving reasons and without liability or compensation
unless otherwise stated in a separate agreement.

1. Terms of Service for the Website

If you only use the Website (without login), you agree to the terms of service for the Website in accordance
with these Terms of Service.
The information provided on the Website is for informational purposes only; we assume no guarantee or liability.
We are also not responsible for the content of third-party sites that may be referred to by links.
All copyrights and other protective rights to the content available on the website remain with the corresponding
rights holders or us. The contents of the Website may not be copied, changed, distributed, made available to third
parties or otherwise used for commercial purposes without our prior express consent.

2. Terms of Service for the Use of the Platform

By registering for the Platform, you expressly agree to these Terms of Service (the “Terms
of Service”) and the associated Privacy Policy.

2.1 Your obligation as a company

We offer an Enterprise Account service to companies that require multiple user profiles for our Platform. The right to use our Platform is associated with the Enterprise Account. The Company is responsible for inviting its users to access our Platform and for revoking their access under the licence granted. The Company must inform us immediately of any resignation or planned transfer of access rights so that we can take the necessary action. Once a user's access has been revoked, the Company may allocate the released licence to another user. Released licences do not entitle the Company to a discount on service fees.

The Company will pay the relevant service fees for its users in accordance with the applicable price list. Invoices will be paid in accordance with the payment details on the corresponding invoices.

The Company will be liable for any misuse of our services and the Platform by its users and will be subject to the following provisions, as applicable.

2.2 Your obligations as a user

You will provide us with the correct information when registering for the Platform.
If you use paid services, you will pay the applicable prices for these services. Your purchase may be subject to
foreign exchange fees or differences in prices based on location (e.g., exchange rates). If you purchase a subscription,
your payment method will automatically be charged at the start of each subscription period for the fees and taxes
applicable to that period. To avoid future charges, cancel your subscription before the renewal date.
You will keep your login and the associated password safe and secret. Any activity carried out on the Platform with
your login will be attributed to you.
You commit to keeping the email address stored during registration active and check it regularly. All communications
sent to this email address are deemed to be acknowledged by you. You will only use the Platform and all related
services and information in a lawful manner and for lawful purposes. You may not transfer any part of your account
to others unless explicitly permitted as part of a broader business subscription. Regarding the information uploaded
in the Platform, you hereby warrant that you have the appropriate rights and consent of any third party to enter or
upload this information and that you grant to us the rights to processing and disposal as provided for in these Terms
of Service and the Privacy Policy.

2.3 Which services we do and do not provide

Our services consist of online access to a wide set of curated quality information and analysis on global
trends and innovations and related data and insights, as well as additional Platform features for collaboration,
networking, sharing, and communication around innovation in multiple business scenarios. These services do not cover
consumer trends, nor do they pretend to be exhaustive or comprehensive or intend to clarify all details of a particular
subject entirely, but rather provide a high-level understanding of a subject, its related items, potential impact, and
timing. All information provided on the Website and the Platform is for general information purposes only and cannot in
any circumstance be considered advice in any form.

2.4 Responsibilities and limitations

Please note that you remain fully responsible for the correctness of the information you have provided. We can
involve third parties to provide our services. If these third parties process personal data, this is based on the
regulations of our Privacy Policy.
The information provided on our Platform is carefully reviewed and updated at regular intervals. We do not, however,
make any guarantee for the correctness, completeness, timeliness, suitability, and topicality of content on the
Platform or the Website.
We exclude all liability on our part within the limits of what is legally permitted. This includes, but is not limited
to, slight negligence, consequential and indirect losses (e.g. loss of profit, income, customers, data, etc.), other
intangible losses and auxiliary persons. We also exclude any liability for websites, products or services of third
parties, even if they are displayed or otherwise brought to your attention by us. In no event shall our or our
associated persons' total liability for any and all claims arising out of or in connection with our services exceed
the total amount paid by you for the subscription during the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the event
giving rise to such claim.
If we provide customisation and/or custom data integration services, these services will be performed with due care.
The Company is responsible for providing the necessary information, access and contact persons to enable us to perform our
services (assistance). We shall not be liable for any delays or defects resulting from inadequate assistance provided by the Company.
The Platform may contain hyperlinks to third-party websites or integrate data and information from third-party
providers. We use best efforts to validate the correctness of the provided information, however, we assume no liability
for the content of these websites or the information provided by such third-party providers, nor are we responsible for
the content and information made available. Use of third-party websites or information is at the user’s own risk.
We reserve the right to advertise our products or those of a third party in the Platform or on our Website.

2.5 Rights of use and rights to data

We grant you under these Terms of Service a non-exclusive, revokable, timely limited and non-transferable
right to use the software and the user documentation in accordance with the terms of service.
All copyrights and other protective rights (e.g., on the Website, the Platform, and their respective content,
data, etc.) remain with us or our licensors. You do not receive any copyrights or protective rights; you are only
entitled to use the Platform in accordance with the requirements and restrictions of these Terms of Service.
In particular, you are not permitted in any way to reproduce, distribute or publish the information on our Platform
for commercial purposes. The Platform’s contents, interface, features, or other aspects of the service may not be
copied, changed, distributed, or otherwise used for commercial purposes without our prior express consent.
You may use the information in our Platform for research purposes and use data, information, and other content in
internal presentations, documents, and other similar forms of work or research material of non-commercial character,
provided that you retain all copyright and other proprietary notices. You are only entitled to use the Platform for
your personal use and for the intended purposes defined in your subscription access.
Login information may not be shared with or used by any other person, including other authorized users. In particular,
you must not use the Platform for illegal or inappropriate purposes or to provide services to third parties. You are
not authorized to disassemble, reverse engineer or otherwise derive the source code of the Platform or the Website.
You must not use any automated procedures (such as scripts, bots, agents, etc.) to access the Platform, your user data,
or other data related to the Platform or to copy, collect, transmit, or use such data to access or monitor or test the
Platform’s security settings. You must not endanger or overload our systems through your use.
In the event of violating this provision, you indemnify and free us in full from any damage, including claims by third
parties and legal fees.
Your right to use the Platform is not exclusive and can be revoked anytime. In particular, we reserve the right to
restrict the Platform or to delete your account at any time without being obliged to provide a reason or reimbursement.
Our Services allow messaging and sharing of information. Other users may see information and content you share or
others, e.g. if shared externally.
We have the right to input, aggregated, or otherwise contribute data as well as the data and knowledge obtained
through the analysis of user data. You hereby grant us the necessary rights to carry out the processing, analysis and
data processing described here and confirm that you have any rights and third-party consent to grant us these rights.

2.6 Right of termination and deletion

You can stop using the Platform at any time without stating a reason and without observing a notice period.
We can also discontinue our services to you at any time without observing a notice period and without stating a reason
unless otherwise stated in a separate agreement.
Please note that the Platform is not a data storage or archiving service. We have no obligation to continue storing,
archiving or otherwise holding your data after the end of our service relationship. We are entitled to delete your
data after the conclusion of our service relationship without further information. You can find further information
on data handling in our Privacy Policy.

2.7 Additional Provisions

To the extent possible, only Swiss law, under exclusions of its conflict of laws provisions, and the place of
jurisdiction Zug, Switzerland apply to the contractual relationship and to all claims derived therefrom between you
as the user and us as the provider of our services.

If individual clauses of these Terms of Service are not permissible or not enforceable, the remaining clauses remain
unaffected and the clause concerned shall be replaced by a permissible clause, whose purpose and intent comes closest
to the original clause.

2.8 Changes to these Terms of Service

Changes to this Terms of Service are possible at any time and will be published here. The current version at
the time of your use apply.

When you have a registered account for the Platform:
In addition, the changed Terms of Service will be communicated to the registered users to the email address provided.
The changes will be deemed accepted if you log in and/or use the Platform after notification of the changes,
and in any case after thirty (30) days after notification. If you do not want to accept the changes, you are free
to stop using the Platform and to delete your account. No subscription fee or other financial benefits will be refunded.

2.9 Contact

Supertrends AG
Erlenstrasse 16
6300 Zug