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Supertrends is a digital platform and a global community engaged in future predictions

Apart from full-time futurists, I would argue that most professionals depending on future developments do not have a clear picture of what’s ahead of them.

Lars Tvede

Which new innovations
will happen in five, ten, 
or even fifty years
from now?

Everybody needs a crystal ball, whether they be investors and entrepreneurs who want to identify the most promising new technologies, scientists exploring cutting-edge fields of research, planners and decisionmakers tasked with laying the groundwork for future infrastructure today, students and graduates seeking a career with favorable prospects – and everybody else who looks beyond the moment and is curious as to what the future will bring.

How about you?

Supertrends offers crowdsourced prognostics as well as news and analysis concerning the most promising and influential innovations of the future. It is an essential tool serving the information needs of:

  • Financial executives in pension funds, hedge funds, family offices, banks, sovereign wealth funds, venture funds, endowments, etc.
  • Corporate management
  • Public sector leaders and politicians
  • Students of business, technology, macroeconomics, medicine, engineering, and other subjects
  • Entrepreneurs and business developers
  • Venture capitalists and angel investors
  • Business and technology-focused media
  • Scientists, academics, journalists, authors, and bloggers
  • Futurists and public speakers

Supertrends –
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