Choose the best path for your business, with our map of the future

We have all the tools for your business needs to stay ahead of the curve and for you to steer it in the right direction.

Supertrends - map of the future

Supertrends, technological advances news,  experts predictions, and more, all in your own dashboard, in a ever-updating map that shows the most likely future that we will have. Powered by AI, neat software, and a bunch of smart people via crowdsourcing.

Make better business decisions based on focused, personalized, and relevant data

An instant overview of all relevant data you need to make an informed decision for all your major business moves. Daily, at your fingertips.

Never miss another investment opportunity

See what people are talking about, which companies are trending, or the experts’ consensus on a specific milestone in the timeline. Let the opportunities come to you.

Stay business-ready, no matter what disruptors are throwing at you

Our advanced software continuously monitors and distills global action on any tech topic while our editors are permanently picking the brains of industry shapers. You can filter the dynamic timeline for any technology or industry you’re interested in to see how it will likely develop and consult all the resulted data at a glance.

The information that you need, always available at a glance

Thanks to our advanced tools and experienced editors, the right information will flow to you, always relevant, always updated, on all your devices. This allows you to form a balanced and comprehensive view of the future, free of political bias, sensationalism, and nonsense.

Start welcoming the future today

Our tools are focused on relevance, speed, and smooth user experience, so you can always have a fast and accurate overview. Learn what will happen, when it will happen, and what impact it will have on your business.

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