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We map, track, predict and analyze global trends and innovations

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The Supertrends platform allows you to stay on top of developments across global innovation, understand when things are expected to happen, and how it might impact your business - today and in the future.

We do this by harnessing the power of AI and combining it with human editorial supervision and expertise, giving you the information you need faster and with higher relevance.

Broaden your perspective!

Innovation often happens outside your own business sector.
That’s why it’s important to be aware of developments happening in different areas, how things are related and not least how and when these developments might impact you and your business.

With Supertrends, you get the overview to see “all pieces of the puzzle” without all the noise.

With Supertrends you are informed, updated and equipped with the knowledge and understanding to “ask the right questions”.

Never miss an innovation opportunity

We map, track, analyze and predict global trends, innovations and technologies so that you do not have to. This way you are always up-to date and can make well-informed business decisions while saving research efforts, costs and time.

Quality data and analysis “on tap”

We carefully select, curate and analyze data and other relevant content, thereby removing noise and increasing reliability. Our growing network of experts help ensure information quality and provide specific analysis and examples of implementation options, ensuring practical understanding.

Relevance and connection mapping

All information is mapped so that you can easily identify what will likely impact a specific industry or technology area. This significantly increases relevance and allows you to see how things are related, and how developments are likely to impact you now and in the future.

User friendly, intuitive and collaborative

We believe that breaking down the barriers to information is key to accelerating innovation. That’s why we have emphasized usability, information clarity and enabled a range of features to make it easy to share, discuss and collaborate around innovation - all in a single platform.