Crowdsourced Future Predictions

A digital platform and an ecosystem. An app, a website and a global community, addressing the opportunities and challenges of predicting the future – in ways never seen before.

What will happen in 5, 10 and even 50 years from now?

Just imagine that you are driving down a future multi-lane highway in the wrong direction. Countless vehicles are coming towards you at high speed, and you are navigating to the very best of your capabilities in order not to collide with any of the fast-approaching vehicles.

Boy, would it not be nice to know what will come next – pedestrians, bicycles, huge trucks? Perhaps even drones and laser-guided missiles. And to know when and where? In the modern world, lots of professionals have this exact problem: getting their heads around the future.

Just give it a thought: Do you in your mind have a clear map of all the new stuff that is likely to change the world within the next 2, 5, 20 or 50 years? CRISPR, biochips, robotics, thorium-based power, all-pervading digital connectivity, in vitro meat and hundreds of other phenomena? Do you know what they all mean? Which effects they will have on each other, on each society, community and business? And on your business? And do you have any qualified idea of when each will happen? In other words; do you “speak future” well enough?

"Apart from full-time futurists, I would argue that most professionals depending on future developments do not have a clear picture of what's ahead of them."


Image by Bax Lindhardt

Who will benefit from Supertrends?

The platform should be a significant tool for anyone with a need to understand what the future might look like.

Supertrends delivers a clear view of the likely future, a radar-detection capability that could inform about what is approaching us, when it might have impact, and how big that impact might be. 

Supertrends will be an essential tool for:

  • Financial executives in pension funds, hedge funds, family offices, banks, sovereign wealth funds, venture funds, endowments, etc.
  • Corporate management
  • Public sector leaders and politicians
  • Students of business, technology, macroeconomics, medicine, engineering, and more
  • Entrepreneurs and business developers
  • Venture capitalists and angel investors
  • Business and technology-focused media
  • Scientists, academics, journalists, authors and bloggers
  • Futurists and public speakers


What questions will this platform answer?

Which significant future events are approaching us, when will they happen and what is the significance of each of them?

Who are the best experts in the world regarding each subject area and how may I connect with them?

Which sectors, technologies and business models will each event impact, and how?

Why Crowdsourcing?

Research has shown that crowdsourcing of future events and their timing beats the accuracy of estimates from even the best single experts or small teams of experts*.

Crowd intelligence amplifies the reasoning of networked individuals and experts, enabling significantly more accurate forecasts, predictions, decisions, and insights. Supertrends empowers any individual to maximize combined knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuitions.

Rooted in deep science, Supertrends uses the biological principle of swarm intelligence.

*As for example described in the book Superforecasting

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