Building a better future together

LARS TVEDE - Chairman of the Board

Lars is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, a successful financial investor and bestselling author. Lars is the founder of Supertrends, as well as a range of other succesful companies including the VC fund Nordic Eye, which is slated to become one of the most succesful venture funds ever founded in the Nordics.

His 16 books have been published in 11 languages and more than 60 editions.

JAKOB WAERENS - Board Member

Jakob has a strong background in the technology sector as a serial-entrepreneur.

He has founded and run a number of global companies with 1,000+ employees and has completed a number of M&A’s and an IPO.

Since 2016 he has been active in the venture capital area.


Henrik is an experienced change management and team development expert, having educated more than 10,000 professional teams over the last 12 years.

He has worked with the likes of Deloitte, Mærsk, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Mercedes.


Daniel has held numerous top management positions in the banking and insurance sector – including at companies such as SAP, Accenture, Credit Suisse, Julius Bär inter alia.

In 2018, his interdisciplinary skills and researcher mindset led him to found Ecosystem Partner AG, a provider of leadership and innovation consulting services, where he currently serves as CEO.


Daniel Käfer is a seasoned business leader with a rich history in the tech industry. His career includes roles such as the Danish Country Head for Meta and Global Group Director of Digital Marketing at Ooredoo, an international Telco carrier chain across MENA and APAC.

As an accomplished author, Daniel's latest book is titled "Releasing the brakes on growth", which focuses on innovation and business growth strategies.

As an active participant in the startup landscape, Daniel has also co-founded several entertainment tech companies.


Leon is an experienced senior leader in the Consulting and Banking sectors including leadership roles at Barclays, LBG, Ernst & Young and Accenture.

Most recently Leon led one of the largest transformation programmes in the UK banking sector and now acts a senior advisor for leading consulting organisations.


Prof Rajat Baisya is an internationally renowned business strategist and a management consultant.

Rajat has served as CEO and President of large corporations and on the board of multinational and large public sector undertakings. In addition, he is a well-known author and entrepreneur.


Nicolai is a global leadership and transformation expert, and a leading authority on developing human-centered organizations that shape the future. He was previously an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company and has worked with more than 30 Fortune 500 companies and government ministries globally.

He has co-authored three bestselling books on leadership, personal development, and navigating the future. His most recent book, From Malthus to Mars, outlines the wild and exponentially different future we are speeding into and provides specific strategies for how individuals and organizations can thrive in this new reality.