Win-win opportunities

Build your business with our platform

We believe sharing knowledge is key to innovation, and we are therefore always looking for partners to help others unlock innovation opportunities through easy access to information and by establishing higher levels of understanding of current and future business opportunities.

There are typically two ways this happens; through direct platform access or by adopting the platform as your own.

Read more about these opportunities below.

Direct platform access

Professionals and organizations can leverage the platform directly, but may need assistance in understanding how to fully leverage the opportunities that the information and features present.
For this we look for help from independent consultants, solution providers and others who share our passion for innovation and have capacity to help others unlock opportunities for the future.
If you have a network of professionals or businesses who could benefit from direct platform access, we offer revenue sharing of the revenue generated for any new organizations joining Supertrends through your introduction and support.

Adopt the platform as your own

Are you an independent consultant or often make business pitches that could use strong data support?
Or do you need a more professional tool for delivering your own knowledge and optimize client-engagement and relationship management?
In that case you may adopt the Supertrends platform as your own and use it to deliver better, more efficient services to your clients.
This option unlocks powerful tools for building stronger client relationships and positioning your business as technology- and thought leader.

What’s in it for you?

Supertrends business partners get a significant recurring commission of the revenue generated, as well as unlimited earning potential.
As a partner you also get Premium membership to the Supertrends platform so you can benefit fully from everything our platform has to offer and generate the data you need for your own business.
You will receive a dedicated partner manager and all the necessary help with product training, marketing materials, implementation and support.
Being a partner is also an opportunity to be part of a fast-growing network driving innovation for the future.

How to become a Partner

Becoming a Supertrends partner is a quick and simple process without overly complicated procedures and legal hoops.
Simply get in touch with our partner management team to discuss how we may work together to unlock innovation opportunities for the future.
We can then provide you with more details about what you can expect, also in terms of revenue sharing, materials and support to make the partnership a success.