Book a keynote with Lars Tvede

In a world of galloping innovation, navigating change has never been more important.

Our founder, Lars Tvede, has unique insight, experience and an impressive track record in predicting and navigating technology-driven change.

A webinar or keynote with Lars Tvede offers a deep dive into the driving forces behind the most important technological developments taking place and forecasts how they will shape the world.

This extensive knowledge is based on Lars and Supertrends many years of mapping the world's innovations, technologies and trends, supported by leading experts and aided by artificial intelligence.

Lars provides a unique perspective on how these are likely to shape the businesses and societies of the future.

You'll also gain insight into the habits, mindsets and tools that can help you thrive, even in turbulent times.

Be inspired

Lars Tvede’s commitment to helping people and businesses thrive with new technologies is inspiring and will help you take advantage of opportunities like never before. You do not want to miss his visionary insights!
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